For what it’s worth, I’ve been there; I know that point at which things get too much to cope with and I know that the opportunity to share my issues with someone who was able to listen without judgement or giving me their own opinion was invaluable.   


It is my belief that we all have very unique and individual reasons and circumstances surrounding our issues and that taking the step to share them with someone else can be intimidating.  Which is why I am open to working in a non-judgemental way, with anyone who feels they want to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe and nurturing environment.  I offer face to face, telephone or online video counselling via WhatsApp or Zoom because I realise that not everyone wants to be in the same room as their therapist or are able to travel.  I also offer lower rates for members of the emergency services, NHS and those on low income. Feel free to contact me to discuss this.


I am an integrative counsellor with experience of working with a diverse range of clients and issues.  Having previously worked within the NHS in primary and emergency care roles, I have been able to train to work with patients and colleagues presenting with a range of problems such as depression, anxiety and anger issues. I also have experience of working in an educational setting with young people.  


I am registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and work within their ethical framework.  I also work with the charity Number 22, based in Maindenhead and Windsor to provide counselling training. 


Some of the issues I have experience of working with are: 


  • Bereavement and Loss

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Work and School Related Stress

  • Trauma

  • Faith and Spirituality

  • Effects of Chronic and Terminal Illness

  • All types of Abuse

  • Relationships

  • Bullying and Self-Esteem

  • Men’s Issues